Developing Leaders who are Changing the World Through Youth Ministry

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95% of the world’s youth ministry resources are inside the United States while 97% of the world’s youth population is outside of the United States.

Why we do what we do...

Encouraging, Equipping, Exhorting and Empowering the next generation of young indigenous leaders in over 50 countries.

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Wilderness Ministry Institute

That young people in every culture will personally encounter Jesus Christ and have an opportunity to grow in their faith through transforming wilderness experiences.

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Center for International Youth Ministry

We believe healthy leaders reproduce healthy ministries, therefore it is vital to invest in the spiritual, theological and emotional wellbeing of every leader.

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Helping young leaders overcome financial obstacles in ministry by helping them develop sustainable solutions to high unemployment rates and other economic factors keeping young leaders out of ministry.

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Thank you for investing with us as we reach the next generation of Christ-centered leaders!

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